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Production Discontinued SEP/17

*Specifications are subject to change without notice

Model ER12

Air-cooled, 4-cycle, single-cylinder horizontal
PTO shaft, OHC gasoline engine

Bore x Stroke mm(in.) 60×43(2.36×1.69)
Piston displacement ml(cu.in.) 121(7.38)
Maximum output
Maximum torque
N.m[kgf.m] (ft.lb.)/r.p.m.


Direction of rotation Counter clockwise as viewed from the PTO shaft side
Fuel Automobile unleaded gasoline

Automotive detergent oil-SAE; #20 #30 or 10W-30 API
service class; SE or higher(SG, SH, or SJ is recommended)

Lubrication Trochoid pump, forced and splash iubrication system
Lubricating oil capacity
Carburetor Horizontal draft, float type or diaphragm type
Ignition system Flywheel magneto(soild state)
Starting system Recoil starter
Spark Plug NGK CR5HSB
Governor Centrifugal flyweight type
Dry weight  kg(lb.) 9.9(21.78)
(L×W×H)  mm(in.)

264×288×334(10.39×11.34×13.15):Float type caburetor 264×288×336(10.39×11.34×13.23):Diaphragm type caburetor

Lightest and compact design for superior mountability.

High power output to widely fulfill rammer operating weight.

New functions for users’safety as well as user friendliness, such as oil sensor or automatic engine shutoff, as standard equipment.

Ease of maintenance and economical efficiency realized by solid crankcase or newly designed dust-proof air cleaner, longer operation hours without oil-refilling, and so on.