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Production Discontinued SEP/17



Model EH09-2D
Type Air-cooled, 4-cycle, Single Cylinder, horizontal PTO shaft, OHV,
gasoline engine
Bore x Stroke
51 x 42
Piston Displacement(cm3) 86
Maximum output
Continuous output
Maximum torque
P.T.O Shaft Rotation Counter-Clockwise Facing P.T.O.Shaft
Type of Reduction -
Fuel Automobile unleaded gasoline
Fuel Tank capacity (L)  1.5
Lubricating Oil Capacity(L)


Ignition System Flywheel magneto (solid state)
Charging System(V-A) -
Starting System Recoil Starter
Dry Weight(kg) 9.9
L x W x H(mm)
 249 x 299 x 380


Environmentally friendly
EH09-2 engine complys with EPA Phase 2 Emission Regulations in the USA as well as 97/68/EC SN2 Stage European Emission Regulation and Japanese LEMA Self-Imposed.

High durability
EH09-2 engine possesses/has high durability capable of withstanding use for rummer.

Extremely easy start
Adopting ignition system with advance and mechanical decompression realizes extrmely easy start. The pulling force is less than other competitors' engines in the same classand it realize an extremely easy start.

Light and compact design optimistic to emply on any aplication
High performance, high durability and totally high performance are included in its most compact package. Adopting thinner recoil realizes optimist to employ on any application.