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Production Discontinued SEP/17



Model EH025A EH025P
Type Air-cooled,4-cycle,OHV gasoline engine
Bore x Stroke mm(in.) 34 x 27(1.34 x 1.06)
Piston displacement cc(cu.in.) 24.5(1.49)
Continuous output
Maximum output
Maximum torque
Direction of rotation Counter-Clockwise as viewed from PTO sfaft side
Fuel Automobile unleaded gasoline
Fuel Tank capacity
liter(US gal.)
Lubricant Engine oil SAE 10W-30 SF or higher
Lubrication Forced lubrication
Lubricating oil capacity
liter(US gal.)
Carburetor Diaphragm type
Starter Recoil starter
lgnition system Transistorized magneto
Spark plug NGK CMR6A (M10×P1.0)
Air cleaner Semi-wet type
Dry weight kg(lb) 2.8(6.17) 3.0(6.61)
length x width x height
170 x213 x 225
        (6.69 x8.39 x 8.86)
219x213 x 225
        (8.62 x8.39 x 8.86)

Easy to Hndle
- Lively and Powerful
The 4-cycle OHV system realizes easy starting and smoth revving
Furthermore, employment of mecanical decompression system realizes extremely llight pulling force.

- Smooth and Steady
Unique lubrication system, which separates chanber of the cylinder and crank from the oil chamber, ensures smooth, stable engine run when operatiing at a slant.

High Output
High output based on the concept of 2-cycle engine is brought into environmental friendly 4-cycle engines.

Clean and Quiet
- Clean and fuel-efficient
The clean and fuel-efficient engines comply with the EPA phase 2 and CARB tier Ⅱemission regulations in the USA which is one tenth in emission compared with a 2-cycle engine.
Also, fuel consumption is half compared with that of a 2-cycle engine.

- Quiet, low-vibration design
Extremely quiet and mild engine sound is free from working stress.
Detailed attention to the reduction of vibration creates the best in low-vibration operation.

Light and compact
The world's lightest and most compact 4-cycle engines in same displacement are brought by the unique technologies of Robin as a pioneer in compact engine design.(as of April 2002).

Spark arrester
Stop switch
Tank guard