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Production Discontinued SEP/17



Model EX13
Type Air-cooled, 4-cycle, slant single cylinder,
      OHC, horizontal PTO shaft
Bore x Stroke
Piston displacement
Continuous output
Maximum output
Maximum torque
Directon of rotation Counter clockwise as viewed from PTO shaft side
Fuel Automobile(unleaded)gasoline 
Fuel Tank capacity
      liter(US gal.)
Lubricant Engine oil SAE 10W-30, 20W, 30W
Lubrication Mechanical splashing type 
Lubricationg oil capacity
      liter(US gal.)
Carburetor Float type
lgnition system Transistorised
Spark plug NGK BR6HS
Governor Centrifugal flyweight type
Dry weight
length x width x height
*Specifications are subject to change without notice

EXtremely Silent-Soft Tone Quality
EX engines are 2dBA quieter and softer in tone 
than other engines in the same class.
This quiet and soft tone is achieved by:
-A reduction in mechanical noise realized by employing sophisticated OHC system.
-Employment of an optimized capacity Rigid Muffler.

EXtremely Easy Start-No Kick-back
Reliable Starting and Less Pulling Force are achieved by:
-Sophisticated Mechanical Compression Release System as well as newly designed Combustion Chamber.
-EX engines start instantly even at minus(-)10degreeC, without any perceptible kick-back.

EXtremely Easy Maintenance
Extreme ease of maintenance is realized by:
-High Parts Commonality
simplifies maintenance & lowers repair cost due to fewer parts for service.
More than 90% of component parts are in common between more than two models, in such as Muffler, Intake and Exhaust Valbes, Valve Springs, etc.
Furthermore, more than 50% of component parts are in common
among EX13,EX17 and EX21, in such as Chain Guide, Air Cleaner, Ignition Coil, etc.
-Only with ordinary tools,
routine maintenance, assembly and disassembly can be performed.

EXtremely Advanced Technology
Extreme reliability and durability are achieved by:
-Heavy Duty Chain Driven OHC System
Oval type case-hardened steel links enhance performance and resist stretching, which result in extended maintenance free operation.
-Completely New Main Bearing Cover's Design
Flush-mounted main bearing cover with lower moment of deformation significantly increases reliability and engine life.
-Superior Cooling and Lubirication System
Heat reduction is achieved by more efficient, larger and more numerous cooling fins on crankcase, cylinder and mounting base, as well as by outstanding oil delivery system.
-Large Ball Bearings on both ends of crankshaft 
for maximum stability under demanding loads.
-Cast Iron Cylinder Liner resists wear.

EXtreme Power and Performance
Extremely Higher Power and
Lower Fuel Consumption are realized by:
-High speed and homogeneous combustion achieved by sophisticated Pentroof Combustion Chamber which includes Intake and Exhaust Valves located at optimum angle.
-Straight Intake Port with minimal air flow resistance.
Environmentally friendly.
EX engines comply with EPA and CARB Emission Regulations in the USA.
Extreme application compatibility
With four versatile models, existing slant-cylinder engines can be easily replaced.

This means made in Japan.


Lighting Coil : 12V-15W, 40W
Recoil Starter with 350mm extesion Rope
Air Cleaner :
Dual Elements, Pre-Cleaner, Oil Bath, Remote
Spark Arrestor
Cable(Remote) Speed Control
High Speed Fix
Separate Fuel Tank 12L(3.17US gal.)
Fuel Gauge
Oil Sensor
Generator Specification
(Large and low profile Air Cleaner, large and low profiled Muffler, Air Guide and Spark Arrestor)