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Production Discontinued SEP/17



Model EH25-2D EH25-2B
Type Single Cylinder Horizontal P.T.O. shaft,Air-cooled Overhead Valve Gasoline Engine
Bore x Stroke(mm) 75 x 57
Piston displacement(cm3) 251
Maximum output
8.0(5.9)/4000 8.0(5.9)/2000
Continuous output
Maximum torque
1.69(16.6)/2600 3.38(33.1)/1300
P.T.O Shaft Rotation Counter-Clockwise Facing P.T.O.Shaft
Type of Reduction - 1/2 gear Type
Fuel Automobile Gasoline
Fuel Tank capacity(L) 6.0
Lubricating Oil Capacity(L) 1.0
Ignition System Pointless Electronic Ignition
Charging System(V-A)  -
Starting System Recoil Starter(Electric Starter as Option)
Dry Weight(kg) 22.0 23.0
L x W x H(mm)
332 x 380 x 440 333 x 380 x 440


Easy operation
Robin's new throttle control system provides appropriate throttle opening automatically for engine start. This new system releases the operator from adjusting the speed control at each starting.

Recoil pulling force
Combination of the new ignition system with higher igniting capacity, mechanical decompression system and newly designed recoil starter reduces pulling force of recoil starter and provides reliable startability with the first pull.

Noise level
New stiffer crankcase structure and reformed piston profile reduce noise emission from the crankcase area. Also, the newly designed air cleaner and change of the camshaft profile for the lower valve noise reduce the entire engine noise dramatically and improve sound quality.

Less vibration
Lighter piston and piston pin design ensures less vibration.

Oil consumption
Higher cooling capability around cylinder/cylinder head area and cylinder stiffness from reinforced design reduce oil consumption.

Higher reliability
Cooling air passages on cylinder head have been enlarged for higher cooling capability. Crankcase design has been reinforced for more stiffness to provide higher reliability.

Dry weight
The new sheet metal rocker arms, newly designed recoil starter and plastic air cleaner reduced the weight of valve train system. Also, muffler and exhaust pipe in one body made entire engine weight lighter.

Length (Crankshaft direction)
To reduce the thickness, the new recoil has openings for cooling air intake on the front face. As a result, entire engine length became shorter for better adaptation into the equipment.