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Production Discontinued SEP/17



Model EX40
Type Air-cooled, 4-cycle, slant single cylinder,
OHC, horizontal PTO shaft
Bore x Stroke
Piston displacement
Continuous output
Maximum output
Net : 8.8(12.0)/3600
Gross : 10.3(14.0)/3600
Maximum torque
Net : 27[2.75](19.91)/2400
Gross : 28.5[2.91](21.02)/2400
Directon of rotation Counter clockwise as viewed from PTO shaft side
Fuel Automobile(unleaded)gasoline
Fuel Tank capacity
liter(US gal.)

Engine oil SAE 10W-30, 20W, 30W

Lubrication Mechanical splashing type
Lubricationg oil capacity
liter(US gal.)
Carburetor Float type
lgnition system Transistorised
Spark plug NGK BR6HS
Governor Centrifugal flyweight type
Dry weight
length x width x height
*Specifications are subject to change without notice


The Highest Power in the class 
is realized by:
- Adopting an independent cam profile for each inlet and exhaust 
- Optimizing geometry of inlet/exhaust port and combustion chamber
- Enhancing cooling performance around combustion chamber

Friendly to Users and Environment
Low noise - Quieter by 2dB【*2】 than others is achieved by:

- For low profile dual air cleaner【*1】,a newly-developed resin air cleaner reduces the radiated inlet sound and its pressure level.
- Effective sound-absorbing system is realized by employment of larger exhaust silencer and stiffness enhancement on the internal parts.
- Specification meeting the Stage 2 standards of EU Noise regulation is prepared.
【*1】Optional equipment
【*2】5-meter radiating area average value when attaching a tail screen
-Also for low profile dual air cleaner,new structure based on our engineer’s innovative idea adopted to the inlet passage inside the air cleaner realizes efficient dust-emission from the dust chamber of the air cleaner.

Clean and Fuel-efficient engine
By employing the dorm-shaped combustion chamber thanks to the OHC valve narrow-angle layout, the engine complying with the U.S. CARB and EPA is prepared without using a special catalyst.

Reliable Startability
The top-of-the-class light recoil operation and surefire startability are achieved thanks to the optimized decompression timing and the ignition characteristics improved by optimized combustion chamber design.

Superb Mountability:
The adoption of an inclined cylinder had achieved a lightweight and compact design. Furthermore, vibrations have been reduced by cutting down on the weight of parts and improving rotation balance to increase mountability on operating machinery. In addition, compatibility is ensured by keeping the same engine mount and center height as the current models.

This means made in Japan.


Lighting Coil : 12V-15W, 40W, 200W
Recoil with Rotating Screen
Recoil with Electric Starter
Air Cleaner :

Low-Profile Dual Air Cleaner, Pre-Cyclone, Cyclone(Chimney)

Spark Arrestor
Cable(Remote) Speed Control
High Speed Fix
Separate Fuel Tank 16L(4.23US gal.)
Fuel Gauge
Oil Sensor
Generator Specification