Production Discontinued SEP/17

Model RGX2900
GENERATOR  Type Brushless, Single Phase
Revolving Field, 2-Pole
Voltage (V) 50HZ/220V ,50HZ/240V
 Ac output
Max. 50HZ 2.4
60HZ 2.9
 Rated 50HZ 2.0
60HZ 2.4
Power factor 1.0
Type Air-Cooled,4-Cycle
Displacement (ml) 169
Fuel Automobile Gasoline
Tank capacity (l) 12.8
Operating Hours (h)
50HZ 12.0
60HZ 10.5
Dimensions L x W x H(mm) 580 x 420 x 480
Dry Weight(kg) 48
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

High Performance is achieved by the powerful EX engine series with sophisticated OHC system

Quiet Operation
- Silemt muffler achieve quiet operation.

Stable Output
- Brushless alternator and automatic voltage regulator (Condenser type) realize stable outputs.

Longer Operation
- 12.8L fuel tank realizes continuously longer operation.

Oil Sensor equipped as a standard
- Oil sensor automatically shut off the engine whenever oil level is too low.

EX engine series superior to engines in the same class

Extremely silent
- Soft tone quality

- EX engines are 2dBA quieter and softer in tone than other engines in the same class.

Extremely easy start
- No kick-back

Extremely easy maintenance

Extreme reliability and durability are achieved by:

- Heavy Duty Chain Driven OHC System

Environmentally friendly
- EX engines comply with EPA and CARB Emission Regulation in the USA.

- AC Circuit Breaker 
- AC Voltmeter 
- DC Output 
- Oil Sensor 
- 12.8L Large Fuel Tank 
- Silent Muffler