Production Discontinued SEP/17

Model RGN7100
GENERATOR  Type Brush,Self-exciting,
2-poles,Single phase
Voltage Ragulator AVR Type
Rated Voltage (Hz-V)
50-220, 50-240
60-110/220, 60-120/240
 Ac output
Max. 50HZ 6000
60HZ 7100
 Rated 50HZ 4600
60HZ 5000
Power factor 1.0
DC Output (V-A) 12-8.3
Safety Device Type Fuse-less circuit breaker
Type Air-cooled,4-stroke,
OHC,Gasoline engine
Displacement (ml) 404
Fuel Automotive unleaded gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 16*1
Engine Oil Capacity (L) 1.2
Starting System (H) Recoil starter
Operating Hours (h)
50HZ 5.5
60HZ 4.8
Dimensions L x W x H(mm) 725(975)*2 x 534 x 580
Dry Weight(kg) 76(86)*3
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
*1: The fuel tank capacity specified here is the filled amount up to the "LEVEL" position. 
(Full tank capacity is 23.5L, however, make sure to fill below the "LEVEL" position for safety.)
*2: ( ) shows dimensions with Battery frame.
*3: ( ) shows dry weight with Electric starter.

High Performance is achieved by the powerful EX engine series with sophisticated OHC system

Quiet Operation
- Silent muffler realizes quiet operation.

Stable Output
- Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) realizes stable outputs

Longer Operation
Large fuel tank realizes continuously longer operation.

Oil Sensor equipped as a standard
- Oil sensor automatically shuts off the engine whenever oil level is too low.

EX engine series superior to engines in the same class

Extremely silent
- EX engines are 2dB quieter and softer in tone than other engines in the same class.

Extremely easy start
- No kick-back

Extremely easy maintenance

Extreme reliability and durability are achieved by:
- Heavy Duty Chain Driven OHC System

- Voltmeter 
- DC Output 
- Oil Sensor 
- Large Fuel Tank 
- Silent Muffler

- Electric Starter & Battery Frame 
- Hour Meter 
- Wheel Kit 
- Lift Hook