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Production Discontinued SEP/17

SELF-PRIMING PUMP requires no water for subsequent pumping operation once initial pumping is done,and the pumping capacity is large.

EFFICIENT,ECONOMICAL OPERATION is assured by directly coupled pump.
It provides compactness and guarantees that power is not lost.

WATER-RESISTING QUALITIES are prominent by adopting the mechanical seal made of ceramic-carbon,and the impellers made of special cast iron.

HIGHLY ADVANCED SUBARU EX GASOLINE ENGINES,which ensure powerful and durable operation as well as easy maintenance and trouble-free operation.


Model PTX401
PUMP  Type Self-priming,Centrifugal
 Suction×Delivery Diameters (mm)[in.] 101.6×101.6[4×4]
 Total Head (m)[ft] 28[92]
 Maximum Delivery Volume 
 Suction Head (m)[ft] 8[26]
 Axle Seal Material (Mechanical Seal) Ceramic-carbon
ENGINE  Model EX27
 Type   Air-cooled,4-stroke,OHC Gasoline engine
 Fuel Automotive Unleaded Gasoline
 Fuel Tank Capacity (L)[U.S.gal.] 5.6[1.48]
 Starting System Recoil Starter
 Dimensions(L×W×H) (mm)[in.] 610×425×565[24.0×16.7×22.2
 Dry Weight (kg)[lb.] 44.5[98.1]
 Standard Accessories

Engine Tool Kit(1set),Strainer(1pc.),
Hose Coupling(2pcs.),Hose Band(3pcs.)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

The above picture shows typical samples.
Material and design may vary by models.