Privacy policy

We have a possibility of collecting personal information to deal with and to provide product information and after sales service, from our customers (or possible customers), users (or possible users), their directors and employees. (customers and users). Recognizing the importance of the protection of personal information, we stipulate our policy of protecting Personal Information to strengthen our relationship further with our customers and users.

1. Purpose of using Personal Information

  • We will use personal information for the following purposes.
  • a) Transaction and communication on business.
  • b) Negotiation, conclusion and implementation for contract. And invoicing and settlement for the same.
  • c) Transaction and appropriate handling of the contract.
  • d) Provide our products, service and information for modification and improvement.
  • e) Provide information for our products and service.
  • f) Execution of recall, measure of improvement and service campaign.
  • g) In order to carry out our business.
  • h) Reply to queries, request, consultation and claim.
  • i) Entry to or exit from to our facility etc., for proper using of our (affiliate) facility and equipment.
  • j) Comply with laws, ordinances and other regulations.
  • k) To provide to appointed dealers for SUBARU Industrial products / distributors / designated service shop / dealers / dealers and these partners / out sourcing parties of SUBARU corporation and company those related to industrial equipment products. In addition, in the case of providing a third party pursuant to the provisions of Article 23, Paragraph 2 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the "Law"), we follow the procedures prescribed in that paragraph.
  • l) Personal information of suppliers etc. collected by our Company is used to the purpose stipulated above and in order to respond to consultation concerning products and services of our Company. It is transferred to SUBARU and its domestic affiliated company. We may jointly use it with them. ( outline / office.html). Information to be shared is limited to contact information such as name, business address, telephone number etc, information on consultation and dealings with business partners etc. In this case, the person responsible for the management of personal information such as business partners will be our company.

2. Collecting personal information

We will acquire any personal information by lawful and fair means.

3. Management of Personal Information

In accordance with Article 20 of the Law, we take safety control measures on personal information organized systematically by our company.

4. Use of Personal Information

We will use personal information within the scope of the purpose of its use, except it is stipulated by the law.

5. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

Except as set forth in the Law, we will not provide a third party with any personal information (personal data) organized systematically by our company without the prior consent of the owner of such personal information. (Owner)

6. Disclosure etc. of Personal Information and Complaint Handling

  • a)We acknowledge that each Owner has the right to claim for disclosure, correction, suspension of the use of, or deletion of one’s own personal information, which has no possible deletion for six months after collection and organized systematically by our company. If each Owner claims the right of Disclosure, we will promptly respond to one’s demand in accordance with the Law.
  • b)We will establish a service counter for complaints and inquiries about claims for Disclosure and the handling of personal information.
  • Please contact to our Service Department ,
    TEL : 048-593-7755
    In case of contacting our reception desk, we might ask a copy of ID card for personal verification.

7. Organization System

(1)We will select persons in charge of the protection of personal information who shall work under a chief privacy officer designated by our representative directors, and thereby carry out proper management of personal information.
(2)We will train our officers and employees regarding methods of protecting and properly managing personal information, and thereby properly handle personal information in our daily business activities.

8. Formulation, Implementation, Maintenance, and Improvement of Personal Information Protection Compliance Program

In order to carry out this Privacy Policy, we will formulate a Personal Information Protection Compliance Program (including this Privacy Policy, “Regulations for Protection of Privacy Information,” and other rules and regulations) (“Compliance Program”) and keep our officers and employees fully informed of, implement, maintain, and continuously improve the Compliance Program.